EXCERPT: Changing Times, Lusting Wild 1


Changing Times, Lusting Wild 1

Changing Times, Lusting Wild 1

Excerpt Rated E for Erotic

Carly realized just how out of her element she truly felt in this realm. Tony’s hand felt warm as he unerringly led her to a table in the back. He positioned her to his side so that his back met the wall. He could easily see everyone but it was harder to see them.

Carly smoothed her hair in an effort to soothe her nerves. She’d opted to wear it in a simple ponytail flipped up and over so it spilled out of the band. She knew it was a good look for her. She’d gone light on the makeup but had pulled out her favorite perfume. She bit back a grin at the way Tony’s nostrils had twitched every time he leaned toward her.

She imagined the light floral scent of her perfume tickling his senses which made her feel a bit like a femme fatale. She chuckled at the thought of coltish Carly Chambers seducing this powerful man.

“What do you find so funny, kitten?” His voice drew her eyes as she watched his sensuous lips move.

“Nothing really… just the idea of me, Carly Chambers from Kokomo, sitting in an exclusive club with a man who is a jaguar and all of these other, “she waved her hand around. “Is everyone here a shifter?

“Not everyone, but everyone here is either a shifter or a known and vouched for ally. Any who would betray us would be killed.” Tony paused as he held her with his stare, “By the one who vouched for them.”

Carly nodded. She knew he meant every word he said. And she felt honored by his trust in her. “Thank you, Tony, for vouching for me.”

“I didn’t. Micah and Nolan did.” He grinned then as he pointed out various people in the room to her. He ran his hand down her arm leaning into her to whisper about one of the party goers. His breath feathered across her neck. He shifted brushing his thigh against hers.

Carly felt completely and utterly aware of him. When he leaned back in his chair, she swayed towards him. His hair glistened in the lights and candles of the décor. Finally she gave into her longing. She grabbed a handful and tugged lightly. Tony looped a hand around her neck to pull her against him. She sighed as she let her head fall on his shoulder. Carly felt his lips brush the top of her hair. She couldn’t remember a time she’d felt more safe and more cared for.

“Dance with me?” His voice purred in her ear.

“Of course,” Carly followed Tony out onto the dance floor. The music beat in her skin with a loud and fast salsa sound, but Tony pulled her close to his body and began to move with her to a rhythm only the two of them could feel. She let him lead her to through steps she didn’t know she knew.

Her legs pressed against his intimately. Entwined like this, she could feel the thickness of his cock nudging her belly. His body told her in a very obvious way that he wanted her as much as she wanted him. She pressed her breasts against him so he could feel how hard her nipples were. The solidness of him against her gave her a unique understanding of the physics of friction. Carly wanted to rub up and down him until he purred just for her.

Tony turned his head toward her and started nipping lightly at her neck and jaw. Carly put her head back slightly to give him better access and he flattened his hand against the top curve of her buttocks, pressing her lower body even tighter to his. Carly let her hand slide down his back and around his waist.

Tony lifted his head and stared at her through eyes that were almost liquid gold. Shyly she pulled his lips closer to hers so she could meld their mouths together to mirror their bodies. Tony’s response felt like flames as his tongue flicked at her mouth gently forcing his way in. Suddenly no one else existed. Carly pulled away from him slightly to stare at him.

“Tony,” She almost didn’t recognize her own voice. His deep hum answered her and Carly took a deep breath. Tony’s eyes were drawn to her breasts tight against his chest. “Tony, remember what you said to me the other night at my house?”

“I remember.”

“Well,” Carly did something she’d wanted to do since the first time she saw him. She ran her hand from the crown of his head through the black silk of his hair then wrapped it around her hand and pulled his head against hers. “I want you to take me home and make love to me. I think if you don’t make love to me tonight I’m going to explode.”

Tony’s eyes turned bright green and a slow smile spread across his face. “Are you sure?”

“More sure than I’ve ever been of anything in my life.” Carly skimmed her hand further down his body and cupped his buttocks. She pulled him closer and kissed him with an open mouth.

Tony purred or growled, she wasn’t sure which, then kissed her hard. He grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the club, waving goodbye as they went. Carly remembered a blur of faces with only Nolan standing out. His grin had been accentuated by a double thumbs up sign.

Within moments they were back in his car and heading for her condo. They hadn’t even lasted two hours at the club and Carly didn’t care. At every traffic light, Tony pulled her across the console for a kiss. Finally Carly wrapped her hands in his hair to lengthen another red light kiss. Carly sighed as his lips slanted over hers with just the right pressure. She slid her hand down his chest to tug at his belt. Tony’s hand traced fire down her neck as his fingers lightly worked their way to her breast. Arching into his hand, Carly moaned as she moved her head back from his mouth.

“I want you, Tony. I can’t remember ever wanting anyone this badly.”

“I know, kitten, I know. I can smell your need. It’s sweet like ambrosia and I want to dip my tongue inside of you and make you come until you can’t scream my name any more.” Tony raked his teeth gently down the side of her neck growling when she shook in reaction.

“C’mon, kitten. Let’s get home now.”

Carly felt dazed as he moved back to the wheel. She didn’t know how long the light had been green but was glad no one had come up behind them. With a shaking hand she smoothed her hair then reached over to touch his thigh. She didn’t care if he represented a world she knew nothing about. She wanted to be this man’s lover tonight