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Changing Hearts

Lusting Wild 2


Changing Hearts, Lusting Wild 2

Changing Hearts, Lusting Wild 2

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4 stars from RT Book Reviews

Lusting Wild series from Marilu Mann

We and the beasts are kin. ~ Ernest Thompson Seton

What if we really are? What if beasts walked beside us, down city streets, in grocery stores, at the post office? What if they walked among us in human form? Would we know them? Would they show themselves to us? If they were stronger, faster, more durable, would they want to live peacefully with us or would they want to rule the world?

Some would prefer to stay hidden, staying out of our sight, living among us without exposing their darker sides to us. What of the others? Would they prefer that we acknowledge them, answer to them, work for them? What happens when the world, as we know it, ceases to exist and the shifters come out of hiding?

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye. ~ Antoine de Saint Exupery

You become responsible forever for what you have tamed. ~ Antoine de Saint Exupery

  • Changing Hearts — Lusting Wild #2 2008Buy Changing HeartsIt just got hotter on the bayou. Louisiana has never been this steamy. When injured shapeshifter Malcolm Slade, an alpha running for his life, meets Cajun faith-healer Joie Landry, hearts are going to be changed. Human to his wolf, she prefers dealing with the animal because animals love you unconditionally. Malcolm believes love is for weaklings and he can’t afford to be weak. Hunted by his own Pack, having to face his own demons, he doesn’t have time to cater to the sensitive feelings of a human female. Still…there’s something about this female that turns him inside out. Can Joie tame this predator in bed and out?

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    Reviews for Changing Hearts

  • “Mann puts a lot of life into her characters, and the steamy sex scenes heat up the bayou.” “Book two in the Lusting Wild series will tug at your heartstrings.” 4 Star review RT Book Reviews (formerly Romantic Times)magazine.
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